Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bellamora International Review

is a well known name in the skin care and cosmetics industry. It has recently stepped into network marketing and has also introduced some interesting ways of making money. The income opportunity offered by Bellamora is as effective as the cosmetics and the skin care products offered by the company. If you are dealing with a tough financial time and you are looking for a good way of making some extra income through network marketing or home based business then you must give a serious thought to MLM business model of Bellamora. The income opportunity offered by the company is as reliable as the products that it has to offer.

The compensation plan offered by the company is very interesting. It is based on the binary plan followed by some MLM companies. The binary plan helps people with average skills to earn good income by building team. When you join as a distributor for Bellamora you have different options for earning money.

The company offers a fast start pack to its associate which is a basic pack costing $199 which helps you earn a bonus of $50, another good plan is the Premium pack which costs $299 which fetches a bonus of $100 and the third plan is $499 Ultimate Pack which fetches a bonus of $250.

The binary plan is the easiest compensation plan where you just have to build a team of team of two members to start earning. It is not a difficult job to get two team members. This generates good cash. The business centre maximizer plan gives you an opportunity to earn upto $40,000 per week so you can very well imagine how much you can earn in a year. Of course this plan is demanding and you would have to perform for good results.

Bellamora is a fantastic cosmetic company and you can sign up with the company for free, once you do that you would receive free samples of the products that the company makes. Although the sign up is free you will have to pay for the orders that you place which seems to be quite fair considering the fact that the company has sent free samples beforehand and given you sufficient time to make up your mind.

Bellamora Company is the best MLM Company so far available for cosmetics and skin care products. The compensation plan offered by Bellamora has tremendous potential as far as cash flow is concerned. The research and development for the products offered by Bellamora is conducted by Johnson & Johnson group of companies and the company holds US patent for its products.

Seeing is Believing! So watch this quick Bellamora video: